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all good universities in China are public

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ost students.Many mathematical Olympiad training classes had been shut down recently, she said, which made it ▓more difficult for her son to

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develop his skills in that area.Strong demand from parents has boosted the market for after-sch▓ool tutoring in China.In 2016, more than 137

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millio▓n primary and secondary school students attended e▓xtracurricular classes, which had a combined m▓arket value of more than 800 billion y

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uan, according ▓to the Chinese Society of Education, which is overseen by the Ministry of Edu

and two in mathematics, and

cation.But many tutors merely focus on teaching pupils how to▓ perform well in exams, rather than aiding the wider educational development of the child, according to▓ a statement issued by the ministry and three other central government departments at the end of February."They have bro

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for the first session of the 13th National C▓ommittee of the Chinese People's Pol▓itical Consultative Conference, told a news briefing that school students in China

spen▓t an average of 2.82 hours doing their homework each day, about three times the global average."The government will spare no effort to resolve the heavy wo

  • cademic workload .When the school day e

    rkloads of primary and secondary school students," Premier Li Keqiang said on March 5, when he delivered t▓he Government Work Report at the first session of the 13th National People's Cong▓ress.In line with the education authorities' guidelines, two district education bureaus in Hangzhou, Z▓hejiang province, issue

  • nds so early, at 3:30 pm,

    d new guidelines for schools that prioritized children's▓ sleeping hours over academic work.According to the gui▓delines, primary school pupils in the two districts do not have to complete homework assignments if they have not finished by 9 pm, while the ▓cutoff point is 10 pm for those in middle school.One area t

“And here i am using my own lungs like a sucker. How is education supposed to make
me feel smarter?”

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